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Nevaeh Mini Bulldogs......" Where A Little Bull Goes A Long Ways"
Breed Standerd


History Of the Miniature Bulldog
Breed Standerd
Our Zeta

Breed Standerd of the Miniature Bulldog

In 1850 the Miniature or toy Bulldog were common sights in London,Nottingham and Birmingham.They were even exibited at confirmation shows.Most were coarse in appearance-some had rose ears others erect.But for those who loved the Miniature bulldog for it's most important qualitys:determinationm,courage and exceedingly loveble nature.Even when the Industrial Revolution forced many English laborers to France in search of employment they would not leave without there little bulldogs.


GENERAL APPEARANCE-Re-creation of the Miniature-Toy  Bulldog
small to medium in size.there are three weight classes 24 pounds and under for TOY BULLDOG. 

25 to 35 pounds  for LIGHT WEIGHT.

36 pounds to 45 pounds HEAVY WEIGHT. a fierce look with a gentle heart.,inteligent,energetic,showing great determination,courage and agility.,

TEMPERMENT-intelligent,friendly,never shy,agressive or timid.with an exceeding loveable nature and clownlike personality.

HEAD:large in porportin to body and square, moderately wrinkled,jaw muscles large,lower jaw turned up, bite square but undershot. eyes low and wide-set. forehead flat. muzzle short and broad.ears may be rose or erect should be set high wide and apart.

BODY-Neck should be short and nearly as wide as the head.shoulders very broad and muscular.front legs set wide apart.ribs well rounded and chest wide and deep.back short slightly roached,belly tucked up.thighs very muscular,rear legs slightly bowed out.screw tail or docked.

COAT & SKIN:short coarse in appearnce.medium-fine texture.Skin-Thick and loose more so around the head and neck.

COLOR:Brindle of red,grey,black.white with brindle markings.solid white.fawn,cream,red,black solid,or with markings.